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  "We don't stop playing because we grow old.

We grow old because we stop playing."

~~~Gayla Goff~~~


"Wisdom is a diversification of thought by which reason and understanding broaden"

~~~Jose' Diaz~~~


Reality is a desert where imagination must venture. Reality whips up putrid dust storms and rattles off dry lightning in great sheets. Blinding grains of pulverized dreams cut into the minds’ eye. Boulders dance by on tangled lines of screaming magnetism and haphazard gravity wells. Imagination is lost if it cannot maintain its’ posture. For imagination to survive it must take to a chrysalis. Its lone refuge is within the artist. The heart, mind, body, and soul, are its only haven.

~~~Jose' Diaz~~~


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   In his own words:


      “I make music as freely as I choose to live my life. Fame, fortune, and accolades of glory are never my targets to achieve. Whatever blessings God will bestow on me are his to give. Whatever travails assault me because of my music, I accept without shame.”


 "What I did yesterday may make me who I am today, but what I do today will make me a better person tomorrow."


                                       Jose’ Diaz


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 We are ships on the sea that is today.
Yesterdays are the gulls picking at our wake.
Tomorrows are the dolphins riding our bow-wave.


I am not only a musical artist but I also write short stories and blogs. I intend to release a collection of my stories someday. I look forward to that day and I hope some of my fans will indulge their eyes with an even deeper look into the depths of my mind.























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